A cozy and comfortable hotel within walking distance of the Efteling. A good bed, a delicious breakfast and a play area for the kids, what more could you want?

Use all facilities of the nearby GuestHouse Hotel (40 meters)? Of course you can! Free parking on one of our parking lots and free coffee and tea during your entire stay!

Come over to our GuestHouse Hotel and enjoy dinner at GuestHouse Kitchen. Would you rather stay at Hotel de Kroon? Feel free and come and order pizza at the reception. The bar in Hotel de Kroon is opened till 22.00 hours, to early for you? The bar in GuestHouse is open till midnight and you are more than welcome.

Our Facilities

Lobby & Bar

In our cozy lobby and small bar, you can get yourself free coffee! Sit down and relax, watch TV or play a game with the whole family. With 4 beers on draft and fine wines in the fridge you will surely  survive the evening. Check in is from 16:00 hours and of course our bar is open.

At 22.00 hours the bar and reception will close in Hotel de Kroon but not ready for bed yet? Walk to the GuestHouse Hotel where the bar is open until midnight.

Play Area

Relaxation for the whole family! Especially for the kids there is a nice large playroom with table football and air hockey. While you wake up quietly, they can already enjoy themselves.

And furthermore...

as a guest of Hotel de Kroon, you may use all the facilities of the GuestHouse Hotel. It is only 50 meters away!

GuestHouse hotel's facilities

YOUR Garden

Whether you’re in the city, a village or in an apartment building, everyone wants to be able to go outside and that’s possible at GuestHouse Hotel! Our garden will give you that true outdoor feeling. And there’s always something to discover! Want to relax, do some gardening or something else? Everything is possible!

YOUR living

A guesthouse without a living room is like a room without a bed. We of course have a nice place for you to read your book, get together and meet other guesthouse guests.
Want to have a drink at the bar or a nice chat about the fun you had today? You can do just that in your living room!

Use our interactive screen to discover all the things the area has to offer!
In your living room, you can eat an extensive meal, but also order small snacks and pizza slices, which
are delivered from guesthouse kitchen


Something to celebrate, to discuss or simply looking for a place for a group of guests? We have a number of spaces that will suit your needs. It’ll feel like you’re meeting around the dining table

view our business options

YOUR Playground

For kids there is a small play area in the living room, and outside in the garden there’s a fun hut with a slide and sandbox. For older children, but of course for adults as well, there are many fun games to be found in the roof garden, such as foosball, air hockey, table tennis and billiards. Bored? That’s not a word we’re familiar with. And, dear parents and grandfathers and grandmothers; playing keeps you young!

Good to know...

Behind and next to the hotel you can park your car for free. You can also park on our secured parking area next to GuestHouse Hotel. It is only 475 meters to the Efteling so feel free to leave your car. Please note, please do not park in the Gasthuisstraat, use the car parks of the hotels.

Check-in is possible from 16.00 hours. You are of course already welcome to park your car at the hotel and check in after your Efteling visit.

Check-out is possible until 11.00 hours. It is no problem to leave your car at the parking during the day after check out.